Multi Play- Play Platform for Commercial Climbing Frame

play platform for school playground

Climbing frames are loved universally by children . Multi play units combine in many configuration  to allow schools to choose their climbing frames layout. Multi Play climbing frames have many choices from monkey bars to climbing walls, slides and bridges.

Play platforms allow space between activities , a place to socialise and prepare for the next adventure.

Product Features

  • Custom made galvanised steel deck frame
  • Slip-resistant PolyDek decking panel
  • HDPE spacers to suit undersized posts
  • Designed to BS EN 1176

Age Range 4+

Largest Part -Platform 900mm x 900mm x 69mm
Heaviest Part-Platform approx. 27 kg
Surfacing -1.5m from the extents of the equipment with a critical fall height in excess of the platform height 1.5m. If higher than 1.5m surfacing extent will increase consult BS EN 1176 for details

Not Include– 8 x fixings for platform to posts , Posts