Multi Play- Climbing Frame Ladder Bridge Playground Equipment

Playground equipment for schools or nursery can be expensive and difficult to select. A modular play system multi play allows playground equipment to grow and element to be changed. Multi play playground equipment range includes monkey bars, climbing walls, ladder and nets for exploration by pupils.

Playground equipment helps encourages activity and build upper and lower body strength. Playgrounds can be exciting spaces to explore and play in.

SSP offers a design services with free plans and quotation. SSP can offer the complete playground package  including playground equipment , surfacing, fencing, landscaping ,thermoplastic markings and sports courts. All in One Place.

Climbing Ladder Bridges are a fun way to move across a piece of equipment . Ladders present a feeling of danger as they are climbed across adding to the fun of a climbing frame. As a linking piece of a climbing frame the can slow the passage of children across the equipment adding to the enjoyment of the playground equipment.

Ladder Bridg to link sections in a  school climbing frame

Climbing Frame Ladder Bridge Playground Equipment

  • Custom made slip-resistant aluminium ladder rungs.
  • Stainless steel attachment brackets.
  • HDPE ladder entry panels and barrier/handrails.
  • Bespoke designs and personalisation designs to order.
  • Designed to BS EN 1176.

Age Range 4+.

Largest Part-Bridge Assembly 1000 x 800 x 1500 mm

Heaviest Part-Bridge Assembly Approx 53 kg

Total Weight- Approx 53kg.

Surfacing : 15m from the extents of the equipment with a critical fall height in excess of 600,900,1200,or 1500 mm. If higher than 1.5m surfacing extents will increase, consult BS EN 1176

Material-Design Panel- High Density Polyethylene (HPDE) with orange peel texture finish.
Material-Design Panel-304 grade stainless steel with dull polish finish.
Material-Design Panel-6060 grade aluminium anodised to a smooth silver finish

Included-Fixings for bridge to platforms
Not Included-Platform (available separately), 8 x fixings for panels to post, posts

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