Football Pitch Cage

football pitch cage octagonal shape rebound boards football pitch cage 2

The SoccerGround Cage is an octagonal soccer court.

The SOCCERGROUND CAGE is great for Panna k.o. football. This is a fast action one on one football. The winner is the one to reach 5 goals first.

The SOCCERGROUND CAGE is the premier mobile sports facility for events in public spaces, pedestrian zones, open air swimming pool or indoor halls (e.g. soccer, beach, children’s playgrounds and the like).

The SOCCERGROUND CAGE is ideal for sports clubs, schools, nurseries, and public places.

The SOCCERGROUND CAGE is also an ideal promotional tool for sports event agencies, companies, hotels, trade fairs etc. Such events become more exciting, dynamic and successful

The SOCCERGROUND CAGE can be set up on almost any flooring indoors or outdoors, tarmacadam, natural turf, artificial grass, mud/dust , sports halls, community centre, village hall, car parks, playgrounds,


The SOCCERGROUND CAGE can be quickly and easily assembled and is made up of 8 mobile, weatherproof, hot-dip galvanized steel elements.

The cout surround measures approx. 2.5 m tall and  5 m in diameter.

Further sizes available .

The lower section had  approx. 1 m high rebound boards made of sheet metal coated, polyurethane foam filled panels. These are both impact and shock resistant (sound insulated model ) . The rebound boards are an ideal opportunity for promotional advertising and sponsorship.

The upper border of the cage features a circular advertising space (1.56 x 0.20 m), which is ideally suited to logo branding placement.

Inside the cage, the player is totally focussed on the soccer game itself. This sense of purpose is enhanced by the side nets, which keep the ball permanently in play. Nets: available in black, green or indeed any other colour. Mesh size 50mm, 4mm thick. Wire mesh panels available as an alternative to nets (on request).

Small goals are set into two of the panels facing opposite each other. They measure 1 x 0.5 m and are securely fixed to the goal element (folding design). A door is integrated into another of the board elements, featuring a spring-loaded hinge which enables easy access to the cage.

We can deliver the perfect artificial sports turf for you as an additional option. A professional playing surface of artificial turf can vastly improve the quality of games, optimizing the run of the ball and offering players greater stability on their feet, thus reducing risk of injury.

INDIVIDUAL BRANDING OPTION The SOCCERGROUND CAGE can be readily supplied with individually designed branding (advertising prints on the boards), tailored to the customer’s wishes. We can provide layouts on request. We use either high-gloss laminates or highly durable, UV-resistant digital prints on the advertising boards.


Thanks to its simple interlocking system, the 8 separate cage elements of the SOCCERGROUND CAGE are easily assembled and take up little space in transit or storage. They can be loaded onto virtually any small transporter (e.g. a Sprinter) or small trailer.

Total weight of assembled construction: approx. 650 kg

Individual weight max. 65 kg/per item for each of the 8 wall sections + separate goals and door.
The 8 main segments are max. 2 m wide and 3 high.

Just 11 elements to be assembled on site:

  • 8 perimeter wall sections
  • 2 goals
  • 1 door

What this means: ultra-fast assembly of the cage with maximum stability!
We would be happy to supply you with an offer or quotation.

The octagonal sports court is quickly rebuilt time and time again for a rugged and hard wearing sports court.

football pitch cage with green rebound boards and an artificial grass flooring

Hard wearing and rigged for even a permanent installation into schools and clubs and fit into smaller area than our standard sports courts.

For adults it provides a fast moving one on one knock out game and can be used for training and games for younger players.

SSP can also offer a choice of sports flooring including astromats, non-filled artificial grass velcro system or for a permanent court a 3g surfacing.

For larger mobile sports please see our mobile sports arena page

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