Clamber Stack Climbing Frames

  Climbing frames with a difference.

A natural, organic feeling climbing frame which look inviting for all ages. Clamber stacks are a mixture of rope and wood designed to replicate a natural and challenging play environment which encourages the development of balance, co-ordination , upper and lower body strength. An ideal solution for schools or parks. SSP offer our Standard Clambers Sacks, a Midi range which is ideal for younger ages and can include deck and slide and our Sorello, Fratello, Mezzo and Piccollo range.

playground flooring rubber tarmac under climbing frame

rubber safety surface under climbing frame school playground

timber climbing frame


SSP has installed a number of clamber stack climbing frame into a number of different educational settings below are a couple of projects.

wet pour ruuber wurfacing around colourful climbing frame climbing frame natural organic timber climbing frame



Elephant Park ,Jersey -A clamber stack was installed as part of a much larger park refurbishment and replaced an existing climbing frame. More details can be seen on our news page.

Clamber Frame clamber frame elephant park jersey

Midi Range Clamber Frames