Synthetic Pitch Cleaning Maintenance

Synthetic Pitch Cleaning Maintenance

Synthetic Pitch Cleaning Maintenance

Synthetic pitch cleaning maintenance processes are essential to keep an astro turf or 3G pitch safe and performing to its intended playing characteristics.   All weather pitches otherwise known as artificial grass pitches only perform well when cleaned and maintained with the surface degenerating at a faster rate if maintenance is not properly and effectively carried out.

Synthetic Pitch Cleaning & Maintenance

Synthetic Pitch Cleaning

Synthetic pitch cleaning maintenance will help protect the financial investment made in artificial sports surfaces maximising its longevity.  Maintenance of an artificial pitch is vital in order to maximise the life of the surface, retain its intended playing characteristics, and keep it in a good and safe condition for users.  Carpet manufacturers will often specify maintenance requirements in order to comply with any guarantees offered.  Please see our maintenance page for synthetic pitches.  CLICK HERE

Maintenance of Synthetic grass and 3G Football Pitches

Maintenance costs should be considered at the outset of any project with the degree of maintenance required dictated by the amount of use the synthetic turf pitch will receive, its location, and the type of sports played.

Three types of maintenance regime should be considered.  Firstly drag brushing to keep the surface live and active.  The infill should be distributed over the system with the drag brushing helping to keep it free moving.  This process will also help keep the carpet pile open and separated.  Drag brushing should be carried out once every week where possible.  Secondly the surface should be Power Brushed.  This process is a more robust exercise whereby the infill is decompacted and lifted and the carpet fibres are again opened up.  Lastly the surface should be cleaned with a filtration unit extracting contamination build up from the infill.  This process is usually carried out annually.

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Annual and three year maintenance agreements are available for the Maintenance of Astro Turf and 3G Football Pitches.  These agreements simply fix a price for maintenance services for a fixed term thereby allowing facility owners the opportunity to budget accurately for the future. Synthetic Pitch Cleaning Maintenance should be carried out regularly.  Synthetic Pitch Cleaning Maintenance should be carried out by professional experienced contractors.



From time to time the artificial grass surface will require topping up of infill.